Thursday, April 20, 2017

A little of This and a Whole Lot of Nothing

It is asparagus time.  Three days ago we walked around the asparagus bed and not a sign of it. Today when I went to do the chores I thought, go take a look and maybe it will show signs of tender new shoots.  It sure did!  All 5 inches high!  Now we will get our fill of asparagus and pickle some for next winter.  We only did a few jars last spring since we didn't know how it would be.  I can tell ya, we will be canning as much as possible this spring.  Delicious....

The green has taken over brown.  Fields and pastures are beautiful and the lawn has been mowed twice in the last week.  Right where I like to be, on the lawn tractor or farm tractor grooming it once or twice a week during the early days of spring.  That is my "take me back, feel good, breathe deep moments of my life.  Great feeling to be free.  The fields will not get touched until the first of June.  That way the wild birds, turkeys and fawns will have plenty of deep cover to hide from the predators.

The cabin:  Where does it begin and end?  I don't want it to be completely finished, the cabin offers me as much peace and enjoyment as cutting grass, garden and animals.  Every few days the new project is completed and on to the next.  The dry wall is hung and the seaming and nail plastering is ready for the third coat.  I would like to say the final coat but not sure of that.  Today will be knocking down the imperfections and putting that thin third coat on.  Then we shall see if it's a 3,4 or 5 coat process for this unprofessional mudder.  Right now it looks so different with the walls and dividing walls in place.  I thought it would look really small once it was divided off but it doesn't.  Just a cozy 20'x 20' little cabin.
My "mud mixer" guy.

The "mudder gal".

Yes, I see the light!
A saying that every now and again pertains to me......a little bit of this and a whole lot of nothing.  I can be talking about a supper of leftovers or work that I am planning for the day.  Sometimes I do a little bit of this and a whole lot of nothing. Which is more often than not.   In fact, my husband says to me frequently.......stay focused, Cheryl.  I can be doing laundry, walk by a little chore and end up changing directions in a blink.  That's me, mind goes around and round and where it stops, not even I know at times.  For example, the cabin work can be mudding, sanding or sealing some wood.  What ever floats in my thoughts is where I will be today.  That is the best part of no schedule, no commitments, just do it. 

The door is finished, color and all.  We actually agreed on a color which is very unusual.  I picked the color so to show my kinder side I am letting the husband pick the wall color.  Sometimes I have a kinder side, sometime!  This could be very interesting because rarely do we agree on colors.  I will make do and decorate accordingly.  Just because I will prove I have a kinder side and can give up control of a situation, every now and again.  Scary!

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