Monday, June 29, 2020

Take a Walk With Me

Just a  tour of the barn, garden and the little walk we do at least 4 times a day.  We sure love it and if one of us doesn't say, wanna go to the garden the other does.  It is a huge part of our peace on earth.  Watching the change in the garden each day and always wondering will it produce.  Today while taking this video I was so happy to see pea blossoms on the peas!  Not there this morning, that is how fast it grows this time of year.  Just like our kids, a house with 3 and then "blink" they are gone to raise their own kids.  Full circle has almost come and gone for us and I must say it has been a hell of a ride.  Life is meant to be  the best you can make it, so just do it!

The video has poor color it really is a beautiful lush green but for some reason it looks rather washed out and gray.  I am not a photographer or video master so this is about it.  By the way if I sound out of breath towards the end........I was!  The first time on the tour I used my phone which has beautiful color but it will not download.  Second time with my laptop I didn't have the recorder on, so by the third time I was getting a little breathy...........kinda like how Marilyn Monroe would talk...just not as sexy looking!
The dogs have been stirred up over something by the little bridge.  Today Ellie was jumping in the air like a kangaroo and running back and forth towards the house.  Quincy ran out to save the day and they both went running to the little bridge.  Then the guy I live with came running to see what was going on.  It wasn't their usual chipmonk, squirrel or black bird bark.  We are thinking there is a Bobcat hanging around.  Dick saw one on the other side of the bridge early this morning.  For a couple days these two dogs have been on high alert so more than likely it's Bobcat.  Probably remembers all the chickens it took from us in years gone by.  This is the first year with no chickens,  the wild animals love fresh chicken meat.  I never penned the hens up because I am a let them roam and live free.  It was like watching a movie to see the chickens peck along and chase bugs.  Like the Randy Travis song, He'd sit in the shade and watch the chickens peck.  That song, I thought that he walked on water........was my oldest brother Bob.  We all thought he walked on water and he loved to sit in the shade and watch the chickens peck.  Always nice when writing this blog one thing leads to a beautiful memory of  so long ago.  The first time I heard the song was on the Army Base in Stuttgart, Germany.  We were getting ready to leave for home after visiting our son and he said, I got a song for you to listen to, it's Uncle Bob.  Well the tears flowed and we hugged to remember the guy that had also served in Germany during WWII.  Here's to you big brother, always in our hearts.  That wandering mind of mine, how do these fingers keep up on the keyboard!

Ok, what is a blog without a little food so here goes.
Chicken, black bean, cheese and green onion Empanadas with a mayonnaise, sour cream and homemade Chipotle Chili sauce mixed together.  Just mix the first four ingredients together, season with cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper.  Cut circles of pie crust, drop an amount of the filling, fold over and pinch together the edges to seal.  You can bake them, fry in oil or use the air fryer.  Your choice, my choice, we live in this great USA and we have a choice with our voice too :) They are very good, easy to take to a picnic and again you can dip them in anything you want, your choice :)
Empanadas and chipotle chili sauce.  Oh, and for cilantro lovers sprinkle some fresh leaves on top.  

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