Thursday, November 1, 2018

An apple that Shines

It is the time of year that a bowl of apples is displayed on the counter.  Walking past it today an old memory jumped right at me.  Smiling and heading to the butter bowl I knew exactly what was wrong with all those apples.  No shine!  Been a long time since I had thought about the bowl of apples my mom always had out in the fall.  It all came back the day I asked her why she rubs butter on the apples.  Her answer was just as smooth as silk, or maybe butter.  They should look pretty with a nice shine, not a lot of butter, just enough to make the shine.  So my apples now look pretty and have that shine.  Remember, it is always in the presentation.
Which bowl would be your pick for a tasty apple?
Fresh off the trees and dull......

A little butter with the apple! 
Another day, another rain drop or kazillions!   I never thought I would not be able to put the lawn to bed for winter but this year it happened.  The husband took out the mower batteries, conditioned the gas and tucked them away until the end of April of 2019.  The grass really needs to be cut back before the snow falls.  Now this is my theory, so come spring we will see if the lawn looks any different than other years.  Did I say 2019?  Good God Almighty, it just does not seem possible.  Age has a way of putting the BAM on us.  Can you imagine back in 1967 if someone would have told me how the years would change so many things that I do?  Why I am sure I never even dreamed I would be this old because back then  30 was ancient in my mind.  So on life goes with all the new ways of doing things.  Maybe that is why I like looking back, learning to do things as was a long long time ago.  Or it could be I like to bring the memories of those innocent (and sometimes not so innocent) years of growing up.  One thing for sure I have never forgotten the not so innocent times.  None that I am ashamed of, some that I would like to have done differently and some that I would do exactly the same way if given the choice.  Never forget where you come from, who you are and who you want to be.  Every day is a day of learning.  The good, the bad and the in between. 

Speaking of learning..............sour dough starter for sour dough bread.  Today was day 6 of feeding it.  Yep, it is alive!  Some days I think it is not working and then a day comes along that holy let it raise.  I am hoping it will be ready before the 10 days, it says 7-10 days and it will be ready to make bread.  Everyone is excited around here for the big day.  I keep saying, it is a learning thing.  It will be terrific if my first time is a go but not going to give up if it flops.  Like my husband says, I am too stubborn and mean to give up or sometimes when he talks nice he says, you have more patience than I would.  Either way sour dough started and the finished bread will be a challenge.  Am I up to it?   Time will tell, again!  By the way, do you know how many times I look at the jar of starter a day......too often for sure.

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