Friday, August 4, 2017

Just for Fun

Picked at 5 pm  and ate at 6 pm, now that is fresh!
Today was a full circle ride to the Amish Auction in North Bingham, grocery store and dry goods store.  Certain things were needed from their stores.  Oatmeal, walnuts,to go dishes, snacks, two bread pans and a little brush to clean the silk from ears of corn.  The garden corn is showing ears, I am guessing 3 weeks and we will be up to our elbows in freezing corn and of course roasted corn on a bonfire with family and friends.  How about "to go dishes"?  When we have company I usually send leftovers home with them.  Old habit of making way to much when I cook.  I have two certain guests that I can always count on.  The to go pans are simply round aluminum pans with a domed plastic lid.  Meat, potatoes and a veggie fit perfectly in them.  They are also nice for cookies, donuts, cake etc.  Guests do not have to worry about washing them and returning because they are also..........throw away!   For a pan and lid the cost is 35 cents. 
The famous "To Go Pan" from my house to the guest.

What was for supper?  Veggies!  We almost made it to the garden before a sudden downpour started.  For awhile we stood under the apple "corny" is this.  All I could think of was that old, old song that said something about..........don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me.  That even made my eyes roll when I thought of it until it brought back the memory of being one of the songs my mom would sing when I was little.  So corny or not the timing was perfect to think of the song and my mom.  She died 51 years ago today.  Good memories and happenings that got me to where I am today. 

Back to the veggies, cucumbers, green beans, new potatoes and yellow cherry tomatoes.  The all made for a great supper.  The beans and potatoes were cooked together, buttered, salt and pepper while the cukes and tomatoes the topping to the iceburg lettuce.  Not to forget creamy fresh buttermilk blue cheese.  That was supper. 
Thanks to the garden, supper was almost free tonight.

The leftover beans and potatoes will have milk poured over for a soup tomorrow night with homemade buttermilk biscuits and raspberry jam.  I love it when one supper can be twicked into another supper.  Like the word twicked?  It is a cross between twist and tricked!  I do that with quite a few suppers, change it up a little and an easy twicked meal for another day. 

Since I like to jump around when I think, talk and type let's go back to the auction.  Not so good, very little produce and the cukes looked good but they had been picked a few days ago which made them feel like rubber.  Definitely want cold, crisp and firm for my pickles.  Since I have tons of grape leaves I want to make dill pickles.  Last year I mentioned reading about adding a grape leaf when canning dill pickles.  I did and trust me they were the crispiest, crunchiest pickles I have ever canned.  I am just worried my garden won't give me enough to can.  Tonight I picked 5 nice ones, they better get busy and produce more at a time.  Something is going on with the patty pan and zucchini.  All males, no female blossoms.  We did get 4 zucchinis and 1 patty pan but no more in sight.  Strange, never had this problem before and we have lots of bees in the garden so that can't be the problem.  Tomorrow will be the last picking for green beans.  It looks like there might be enough for 10 pints to can. 

We picked the last of the blueberries tonight and  have no complaints on the crop amount.  Plenty for the freezer and the ones we picked tonight will be dessert.  Just set on the back deck, listen to the quiet,  watch Smokey and the chickens, Quincy chase chippers and eat fresh blueberries by the handful.  Life in the hills of Potter County.  Speaking of life, today we saw someone we had not seen in maybe 15 years.  We had a nice visit and played catch up on what was going on in our lives.  She went first and then asked so what do you do fun.  I probably looked like a cartoon character with the blank stare on my face and completely at a loss for words.  If you know me you are probably thinking....right, you never have a loss for words.  But, truly I did!  My mind did not know what to say and all that came out was, what ever we want to do.  I guess that sums it up.  Who wants to hear about what I do everyday?  I wouldn't even want to hear it!   Can you imagine, she would have had the blank look and speechless if I told her what I really did for "fun".  Makes me smile thinking about it.  Tomorrow we are going to set a small 4'x 4' deck with a step to the cabin porch.........just for fun.
Cool, fresh and sweet blueberries.

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